Sunday, October 6, 2013

September projects -Rockets, Wildcats, Jayhawks, and Cupcakes

 I love to create and I found lots of fun fabrics at Sarah's fabrics in Lawrence!  By now, I have a LOT of fabrics!  If anyone is looking for something unusual. I probably have it!

I found out that the new parents were so pleased that they had something personalized, that they hung the burp cloth on the wall.  I told them I would come up with a wall hanging for Baby Amelia! first effort for a birth announcement.  I made this to go into a frame.  
Font- Kirstin
I learned a bunch in making this.  Quite labor intensive but easier the second time.  The background on this photographed darker than it was.  I would have used a brighter color for some of the words ( like red) with the grays and yellows but I hesitated to add another color for their nursery. 

Fonts- Kayleigh with crown, Girls & Ornamental
 These special ones were made for some classmates of Dave's.  
The DVACK Festival of Trees will be held in November.  I thought I would put together a couple baskets. 
Font-Boys R Gross
For the  KU fan!  I suspect I know who will bidding on this baby jay onesie, burp cloth and little book.

 This is a little onesie, bib, and burp cloth for EBAW  *Every Baby a Wildcat!

Fonts- Freeform, Beanie
 Erik has friends in  Lawrence  who just had Baby Lucien.  Erik selected the fabrics and fonts.

Finally, one last one for Mr. Ford!  Another sweet babe whose parents I have known since they were little!
This fabric has all kinds of fun retro designs, like converse tennies and an old rocket.  Hence, the little embellishment.  
Font-Whoa Nelly, architectural for words
 I mentioned that things were easier the second time.  This is a pale gray random dot and it is going to be a pillow face with a wonderful blue-turquoise chevron backing.  I will post a picture when Linda creates it!  

It is so fun to look back at all these projects!

This Linda's finished pillow!  Isn't it cute with the green accent and the chevron backing?  This is the perfect addition to an already darling nursery!

Ultimate challenge

SweetPups (Vidor, Texas) has a difficult and challenging situation with a puppy that was born with a birth defect that involves elimination.  One surgery has been done and a follow up surgery is planned The nurse in me is willing to go into detail but I don't want to offend any readers!  The challenge is to keep everything contained and that is where I picked up the gauntlet!  Fingers crossed that my invented puppy diapers will do the trick!  We will find out tomorrow when they arrive. 

The Process:
I did quite a bit of research and THINKING about the needs.  Armed with somewhat of a pattern and measurements.  I started my household search for something the waist measurement 12 inches! Have I mentioned that she is a tiny puppy?  So I found this container!

And then I needed something to help me keep the perspective of placement and I found Jack's precious and loved baby!
Now to construct the model.....
I purchased the waterproof cloth diaper fabric and brown flannel for lining, elastic in two varieties and some embellishments. The final products.....keep in mind each one evolved a bit more.  And, as I told Glenna Tucker at SweetPups, there is enough Velcro for a 300 pound man but I wanted to make sure a wiggly puppy would keep it on!  And a puppy is not going to fit it like the scotch container did. So tomorrow will be the test.
I bought the little flower and diva appliqués but I made up the little brown  "Tabby" applique
Since these diapers will be put on "backwards" these  appliqués will be seen on the back of this sweet pup.   If this works, I will be glad to create some more fun ones!  I do think they turned out pretty cute.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet projects, SweetPups!

The dog rescue that has my heart, SweetPups, has had a large number of special medical needs.  This means that the demand for Glenna Tucker's  resources and time has greatly increased.  And she was already stretched thin!  In a way to help out, I offered to donate all monies from any orders placed by SweetPups fans.  I was so excited that we did have some participants in my mini fundraiser. So during my 3 1/2 weeks in Austin, I was able to visit wonderful fabric stores, do some sewing and get ready for embroidering. And today all the projects were mailed out!

This first group was a gift for the mommy who received the over-the-top wall hanging mentioned in a previous post.   Becky Howey made arrangements for Sweet Viviana. The cupcake burp cloth is edged in cheetah print.  I think it is really a fun combination. The crown was my first attempt at adding another element. 

Font- Kayleigh
Font - Tinkerbell

Another project was for soft, delicate feminine fabrics. Sweet baby Evelyn isn't due for a few months but I hope they work well for her.

Fonts -Kayleigh, Girls/Ornamental, Swirlz    
Two more groups from the fundraiser:
Submarines, sealife and circles:  
Fonts-Chachie, Faron, Black Jack

Dr Seuss, anyone? We have Sox on Fox, Horton, Cat in the Hat, and many more!  

We have some more SweetPups projects coming up in future.  

Other fun projects this week:  
Using new fabric from the FABULOUS Stitch Lab in Austin, a friend ordered this fun set.

Fonts-Frenchie, Vi, Girls/Ornamental

And the last project was for a very special baby.  I have known Dahlia's daddy since he was a little boy!  How fun to see pictures of this sweet new baby with her parents, grandparents, and auntie.  Good job, Penny and Chad!
Fonts-Kayleigh, Girls/Ornamental, Frenchie
Muslin blankets with the single letter monogram.
Font-KK  Monogram
Looking forward to more, fun projects!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today, my friend Mallory brought me some darling KU gear!  She had the tiniest, cutest, KU cheerleader dress/onesie!  I was able to put little Miss Addi's name on the back.  Can't wait to see her in this!
We also put RockChalk! on a car seat blanket.  She is going to add a Jayhawk to complete the project!   

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wrapping up July!

I was so surprised by a mention in a good friend's blog!  Mallory is amazingly clever and proficient at all things- TECHNICAL and otherwise- and this was so sweet of her!  I am so excited for Matt and Mallory to welcome little Addi to their family in December!
I was in Lawrence last week and made a trip to Sarah's Fabrics on Mass Street!  I walked through the door and was amazed and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of lovely fabrics!  I practically heard angels singing!  Erik came to find me and I had to tell him I was STILL  in the first row!  He started looking around and was impressed by the colors and their artistry in display!  

 My projects this week have been a variety!
W-S Towels built -in Brother font on machine
used double Rope Circle 
Font:  BIG is Charm and brother is Tinkertoy
Fonts: mustache-Kelsi, retro dot - Tinkertoy, Retro cowboy- Tinkertoy
Fonts: Tile print-Vi, floral - harrington and Ornamental and scenic - kayleigh
Can't wait to start the next projects!  I have gotten some really fun little boy prints, submarines, fish, old converse tennies, bicycles, Dr. Seuss, dots, etc., etc.!  I think I have crossed into the fabric collector/hoarder category!  Spread the word!  I love custom orders!  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The special, Over the Top Project!

I was asked to create a burp cloth that could be hung on the nursery wall.  This was to be shower gift and we were in unchartered waters!  Knowing that the mama-to-be was a very gregarious, leopard wearing gal, I knew we had to have animal print and ?  I put together cheetah fabric, chandeliers and leopard gathered ribbon.  The LanaProject!
Font used: Girls and Ornamental 
Baby C's chic nursery (used with permission)
Voila!    Ready for Baby C!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Babies, babies, and more babies!

Lots of projects this month!

I wanted to get a burp cloth to a special couple BEFORE they started found out the gender!  Up until last week they referred to the baby as "Sprout!"
Font used:  Chachie
....I know Kari enjoyed her cloths that had "Franklin Lucille" and " Hermano" so I thought Mallory and Matt would, too!  Now they know and will be thinking little girl!  So much fun! 
Other projects:
Fonts:  giraffe- chachie, dots - circle monogram, guitars -  pizza

Fonts used:  deer - Kelsi, floral - girls and ornamental,  cupcakes - Kayleigh

Font:  Boys R Gross
Font: Tinkertoy

Fonts:  owls - Kayleigh,
 princess - girls & ornamental
Font:  girls and
Font:  Beanie
Font:  Swirlz

 I must say, after moving these silly pictures around and having them line up in these ridiculous ways, I have huge respect for people who do these tech things SO MUCH BETTER!  Thank you for bearing with me!